When maths becomes a problem too early. How to react, how to help your child?

There is more and more talk about the importance of mathematics education for children in the early stages of development. However, the fact that every child is different and acquires knowledge at his or her own pace means that there are many cases where children begin to have problems with mathematics prematurely. It is therefore worth knowing, firstly, how to counteract this, and secondly, how to help our children when they stop understanding math. 

Prevention a method for math problems

The obvious way to tackle math problems is to counteract them. In addition to all the benefits that come from learning math, early mastery of the basics helps prevent future math problems. This is why it is important to start working with your child as early as possible. 

Mathematics for children – learning through play

When mentioning mathematics for children, no one talks about solving tasks from textbooks. After all, that is not what children’s math is about, and hopefully everyone knows that. Instead, it is worthwhile to incorporate numeracy into everyday activities, play mathematical games and use educational aids for play. Whenever possible, let’s give your child time to play useful games which also have a didactic value. 

Learning math in groups or one-to-one lessons?

Human beings need other people to live with, and this goes without saying. In many aspects of life, we are better off in the company of others than alone. It is the same with learning. Both children and older students generally learn better when they are in a group. Therefore, if we want to teach mathematics, it is worth ensuring that the pupil has the company of peers for this learning. They will then be able to interact with them in a variety of ways, which will generate a lot of positive emotions that promote memorization. In a group, you’re better off – this saying definitely applies to reality. 

When to go for math tutoring?

Whenever we see that a topic is becoming troublesome, and we are unable to explain it to our child/teenager. We can then enlist the help of people who are professionally involved in teaching and are likely to impart knowledge in a more comprehensive way than we can ourselves. As we have already established, when it comes to learning, it is better to blow the whistle. Especially when it comes to learning mathematics, as it is not at all an easy field. It does, however, offer many interesting prospects for the future if one delves into it sufficiently. 

Math tutoring also for gifted students

It is worth being aware that tutoring, despite popular belief, is not just for students with math problems. Students who want to expand their knowledge and abilities can benefit just as much from them. These are, unfortunately, somewhat fewer in number, but for able students it is just as important to continually acquire new knowledge and to explore a particular field more and more. Such tutoring looks a bit different, but carries a lot of precious values for the student.

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