NEMI BLOCKS® – the magnetic blocks for learning to count

The Nemi blocks were created in response to the need for counters that would directly relate to the human hands, the part of the body that children intuitively and most readily use when doing calculus.

The blocks allow a natural transition from using the hand to working on an external substitute set. Basic mathematical rules are introduced initially by imitation and then by independent work and experience, which is consistent with the young person’s development – learning by looking + learning by doing.

What are Nemi blocks?

Working with NEMI blocks is not only about consciously teaching according to written lesson plans, but also about being responsible and reflective in teaching children new skills as well as imparting knowledge in general. Before starting work, it is important to become well acquainted with the teaching aids and objects used during learning, as this will make the introduction of successive elements during lessons purposeful, methodical and non-accidental.

The ready-made lesson plans we have created using Nemi blocks and dozens of videos containing theory and working with Nemi blocks in practice are integral.

Why Nemi blocks?

Nemi blocks are a versatile tool, designed to build experiences with specially constructed educational games and activities. It is a teaching aid that supports children’s development in all its aspects, enabling them to form appropriate mathematical patterns. Nemi blocks are so versatile that children can build both arithmetic operations and various spatial shapes with them. Thanks to them, learning mathematics is, above all, great fun for pupils. 

Through these multisensory aids, we not only want to help children. Our aim is also to support teachers in creating interesting mathematics lessons through training and ready-made lesson plans.

Nemi blocks – multisensory teaching aid

Working simultaneously with a whole group of pupils is a challenging task for the pre-school teacher. How then to differentiate mathematical work with children? Moderate the scope, number of tasks or their complexity. Intuition probably tells educators to do it this way. This cannot be left to chance, but should always be prepared for. A child with learning difficulties needs to feel cared for and a better student needs to know that he or she still has a chance to develop. Nemi blocks are a very good subject to engage the child, which means that the teacher has the time and space to individually support the pupil who needs contact at any given time.

Who are Nemi blocks for?

Nemi maths blocks were created primarily for children. On our channel, teach maths on youtube, we publish both videos of activities and sample lesson ideas using our teaching aids. If you watch these videos, you can see how eagerly our pupils use the Nemi blocks.

Nemi blocks are also an ideal tool for pupils and teachers in kindergartens and primary schools, educators, pedagogues and parents. They will also prove useful for dyslexics, dyscalculics, as well as for therapists at educational and psychological counselling centres. It is addressed to all those who want to start their adventure with mathematics, or continue it, but at a completely different level.




Helps to learn counting (addition, subtractioN, multiplication)

allows one to solve operations better and faster

Enables the introduction of the youngest to the world of mathematics

teaches numbers and doing calculations

Is a natural substitute for children

replaces the use of fingers



Is based on the quinary number system

blocks represent values 1-5 and 10

the whole size of holes is compatible with other aids (Lego, Duplo, Multiklocki)

the whole size of holes is compatible with other aids

Is structural

enables one to build figures and numbers


  • eliminating difficulties in understanding mathematics at every stage of early school education
  • showing mathematics in a new light (arousing curiosity, creating the desire to explore dependencies and regularities independently)
  • building awareness in learning (and also in teaching) mathematics
  • raising the level of mathematics teaching in pre-school and early childhood education.

AUTHOR of the Nemi blocks:

He’s been teaching mathematics since 2008. He’s also the creator of teaching aids. He invented, i.a. Nemi®© blocks for learning counting, as well as he has developed many educational board games. One of them “The Snail and the Anthill” won the main prize in the plebiscite Child-friendly World in the category of education.
Nemezjusz Cywiński developed his own method of teaching mathematics to children. Every day he coordinates the education of 1000 children at his Children’s Mathematical University (MUD). He also tutors at his office in Katowice, helping hopeless cases. During the pandemic, he created the YT channel #uczsiezdomu matmy to help teachers, parents and children in this difficult time.