Children’s maths on Nemi blocks

Mathematics can be a difficult and tedious subject for children. Pre-primary and early childhood education teachers also find it difficult to teach mathematics effectively. To meet the needs of children and teachers, we have developed a play-based method of teaching mathematics using a variety of multisensory teaching aids. Children discover the mysteries of mathematics in a tangible way and we support their development in a natural way. 

Our project was born out of the need to make a difference in education.

During our many years of practice, we have managed to diagnose the biggest problems in public early childhood education.

These are mainly: large groups, varying levels of students’ knowledge and skills, the need to introduce many key skills at the same time, and the lack of adequate teacher training in mathematics didactics.

Changing children’s mathematics

We have been teaching for many years, so we are very familiar with the current needs of education. Children’s mathematics needs change. We offer a simple solution. Nemi bricks can be used with the whole class, so it is an ideal teaching aid for children, teachers, parents and therapists. On our website you can also see sample classroom and training ideas for working with our teaching aids.

A real revolution in children’s mathematics!

Nemi blocks and school activities

We have prepared many lesson plans in which Nemi bricks play a key role. The specificity of the Nemi bricks makes them easy for children to learn and fun to use.

We want to make children’s maths not a problem, but a pleasure to learn it (and teach it).

See how to conduct an activity with Nemi blocks

Nemi at the school