What are Nemi blocks? The role of Nemi blocks in mathematics for children

We can find many teaching aids on the market, but only few of them are really effective in learning mathematics for children. Unfortunately, because of this, children cannot effectively learn math and get to know the world around them. Then there are real learning problems, the least fatal of which are bad grades in school. So what is needed is a solution to these problems, which are undoubtedly the Nemi blocks.

Children’s problems with learning mathematics and the idea for Nemi blocks

Whoever deals with mathematics education knows very well that for students, most of the issues are complicated and unclear. Nowadays, the deficiencies of elementary mathematical knowledge in children and adolescents are coming to light more than ever before. Unfortunately, it turns out that the problems with math, which we observe among older students, result from the failure to learn the relevant issues in the early stages of education. It is therefore both good and bad news. Good because it means that we can counteract this effectively by introducing the science of mathematics from an early age. Wrong because it turns out that these problems are due to our neglect, the lack of adequate help in the development of children. Nothing though. We should draw conclusions, so what can we change?

What are the Nemi Math Learning Pads for Kids?

It cannot be denied that children’s mathematical education is not perfect. Teachers often lack competence and patience, which undoubtedly translates into the lack of noticeable effects in learning mathematics in children. We still do not have too many teaching aids that could introduce children to the world of mathematics in an effective and simple way. In order for children to learn mathematics to be successful, we need qualified tutors as well as the right tools. Nemi blocks are the answer to many problems in mathematical education of children. These are counting blocks developed by the MATEMA company, which has been an authority in teaching mathematics at every stage of education for over 10 years.

How do Nemi blocks help kids learn math?

Nemi blocks are a didactic aid that was created in response to the current needs of education. They have many important advantages that make them irreplaceable in learning to count. First of all, they are sensory aids, which means that children learn using many senses at once. This intensifies the positive effect of learning to count on Nemi blocks. Nemi blocks are based on the Friday system, which means that they are the equivalent of fingers, i.e. they are a natural substitute set for children. The blocks are magnetic, making them ideal for lessons with a larger group of students. So they are not only a good teaching aid for children, but also for teachers. In addition, Nemi blocks are compatible with other teaching aids, such as DickSystem blocks or Duplo blocks,

Nemi blocks are therefore a didactic aid that allows children to be introduced to the world of mathematics in a natural, unforced way. We know very well that the most effective way of learning in children is learning through play, and Nemi blocks, like no other teaching aid, make it possible.

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